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Our Innovative NaturalSof Technology Changes Lives

  • Superior alternative to existing water softeners
  • Protect your family from harmful contaminants like Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)
  • Protect your plumbing and appliances from hard water scale
  • All-in-one solutions for water filtration and water conditioning
  • No chemicals, no salt
  • Maintenance free
  • No harmful brine down the drain
  • Environmentaly friendly

Linn's Plumbing is the Authorized NaturalSof Dealer in Oklahoma

Frequently Asked Questions

What does NaturalSof cost?

When you calculate it over the life of the units, NaturalSof costs just fractions of a penny per gallon of water used in a home. For example a household of 3 persons using the US average of 100 gallons per person per day, the NaturalSof 6L will cost less than 0.00925 cents per gallon to treat and filter 100% of the home's water over 5 years!

How long has this technology been around?

Since 1973! The units have been manufactured and sold from the United Kingdom to over 40 countries and well over a million units have been installed residentially and commercially over this time. NaturalSof was introduced in the USA only about 10 years ago with the international brand and was re-branded to the US market as NaturalSof in March of 2018

What is the Maintenance of NaturalSof products?

Maintenance will be based on the model(s):

  • NaturalSof Catalytic alone: Zero maintenance for 10-15+ years
  • NaturalSof Big Blue Canister (Catalytic plus Carbon Block Filtration): Annual filter change
  • NaturalSof 6L Whole House unit: Zero maintenance for up to 10 years
  • NaturalSof Reverse Osmosis: Annual filter changes

How long does NaturalSof last?

Catalytic Units last 10-15+ years. Catalytic units have lasted over 20 years in residential applications before replacement was required.

Models with filtration have the various filter changes identified above, but the catalyst at the cost of the whole house systems lasts 10-15+ years!

Is there any guarantee with the NaturalSof products?

Yes! NaturalSof products come with a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. We are happy to report that NaturalSof has over a 97% satisfaction rating based on this guarantee. We believe in our technology, and we think you will too!

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Guaranteed Green Technology for Hard Water Scale Prevention

NaturalSof provides an industry proven catalytic solution for limescale prevention as an alternative to conventional ion exchange systems (water softeners). The NaturalSof unit does not soften water by removing healthy calcium like a water softener. NaturalSof does not add anything to your water either. It uses the natural properties of calcium carbonate (water hardness) to our advantage by changing it into a soft, non-bonding calcium crystal which will not stick to surfaces or form limescale inside appliances and heaters.